Tomarktus Films, Inc. is a creative/development company dedicated to the nurturing of compelling, socially relevant stories that reflect critical issues of our time. Guided by the belief that creativity and the human spirit are without borders, film projects are crafted to engage both US and international audiences.

Founded in 1997 by writer/director/cinematographer Ernesto Melara, the company originally carved a cinematographic niche in advertising, gaining many awards in the process. Starting in 2007, Tomarktus Films shifted its focus to linear narrative properties, and has since acquired the rights to several feature-length screenplays.

Projects currently in development include "Fireflies at El Mozote", a war drama co-produced in association with The Yari Film Group; "Pulpo Paul" (Octopus Paul) a romantic comedy set during the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament; "Pablo", a biopic movie about Pablo Escobar, the notorious MedellĂ­n Cartel drug-lord; "Rush" a superhero film project in development with The Yari Film Group; "Life Papers", a World War II drama; and "Sanctuary", a contemporary police story set in Los Angeles, in association with Wolfgang Cinema.