“PULPO PAUL” is an ensemble-cast romantic comedy, in the tradition of “The Full Monty” and “Spanglish”, with a touch of the aloof humor of “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona”.

The movie takes place during the 2010 World Cup Soccer Tournament, and tells the story of JAVIER, a culinary artist extraordinaire, forced to flee Manhattan by his beautiful and greedy ex-wife, determined to deny him shared custody of their ten-year- old son, DIEGO, and to ruin Javier financially. Bankrupt and heartbroken for having to leave Diego behind, Javier travels to Galicia, Spain, to sell his family’s ancestral home to fund his legal fight for Diego’s custody. While in Galicia, Javier takes a Chef’s position in a less than average restaurant in one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the Galician Coast, where he meets LOLA, a beautiful waitress with an enigmatic past.

Their inescapable gravitational pull draws them together as the World-Cup moves into the finals. Their lives become additionally complicated by the bizarre emergence of “Paul” in the picture, the legendary clairvoyant octopus that accurately predicted the outcome of matches in the World Cup.